Combative Links
London's Burning
Probably _the_ site to visit. Lyrics, tabs, bass tabs, pictures, new, just about everything.

The Casbah Club
Very nice site, lots of stuff. Good style.

White Riot Clash Page
Useful information.

Clash City Showdown
All the ponderings, rantings, and reviews one could want from a devoted fan.

Black Market Clash
The UK's foremost Clash tribute band (with good reason!)

The Crooked Beat
Paul Simonon fan page. Loads of info. Bass tabs, pics, quotes, articles, links, etc.

Joe Strummer fan page. Excellent design.

The Clash Alternative
Site with some rare stuff. Real Audio clips of some stuff you may not've heard.

UBL:Clash Links
Clash Links from the Ultimate Band List. Handy.

The Clash Zone
The Clash bootleg and live show page. Reviews of recording of both.

Clash Photo Rockers
Extensive collection of Clash photos from a pair of French fans.

Control Your Temper
French fan page helps link Clash fans together en français!

The Clash Online
Scans of album and video covers and some Real Audio links.

Hċkan's Clash Page
Discography, links to a few OLGA tab files, and two .au files.

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