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Uke Tab : I'm Not Down
"I'm Not Down" - The Clash

E       A                            F#m E
If it's true that a rich man leads a sad life
                 C#m             D
That's what they say from day to day
E    A                            F#m   E
Then what do all the poor do with their lives?
Have nothing to say on Judgement Day?

          A                  C#m              
I've been beat up, I've been thrown out
            F#m           Bm
But I'm not down, I'm not down
          A                  C#m  
I've been shown up, but I've grown up
            F#m           B
And I'm not down, I'm not down

On my own I faced a gang of jeering in strange streets
When my nerves were pumping and I
Fought my fear in, I did not run
I was not done

E          A
And I have lived 
That kind of day
     Em                   D     
When none of your sorrows will go away
It goes down and down and hit the floor
Down and down and down some more

A                      C#m           
But I know there'll be some way
     E#m                    D
When I can swing everything back my way
Like skyscrapers rising up
Floor by floor, I'm not giving up
B    E

So you rock around and think that
You're the toughest
In the world, the whole wide world
But you're streets away from where
It gets the roughest
You ain't been there

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