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Uke Tab : Mountains of Burma
"River Runs Red" - Midnight Oil

D                 G
The tucker box is empty now
Bm                     A 
The heart of Kelly's country cleared
D                  A
The gangers on the southern line
         F                     C
Like the steam trains have disappeared
         D        G
Pelicans glide
Bm          A
Miracles up in the skies
D             A
We vote for a government
     F           C 
With axes in its eyes

Mountains of Burma
The road to Mandalay
Gm                  Eb                                    
In the mountains of Burma
Bb          F
Light years away
Mountains of Burma

D                G
Will the sons of solidarity
Bm             A
Still march on May Day
D                           A
And will the sisters of the seventies
      F               C  
Still fight for equal pay
                      D          G
There's no one on the Reeperbahn
Bm                      A   
No more blankets handed out for land
D            A 
We feed an economy
F                       C
That's got blood on its hands


Bb        A            F            C
Pack your bags full of guns and ammunition
Bb         A             Bb           G
Bills fall due for the industrial revolution
Bb         C                      Em
Scorch the earth till the earth surrenders

Soldiers of armies
Storm empty fields
In a traveller's trance
On the way to the high frontier
Sleepwalkers stumble
Cable cars run aground
Imaginary enemies
Form high above the clouds

In the mountains of Burma

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