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Weird Snowball

Snowball the Magnificent

Talks Ecstatic

Well, the strange cat is a bizarre creature named "Snowball", a Turkish Angora who belongs to my father. Actually, the cat kinda owns him. Snowball also answers to 'Schnoogie', 'White Kitty', 'Pink', 'Rosebud', 'Mushy' and 'Mrrrrilk!', the last one actually being his rendition of a request for dairy products. Most people who see Snowie think he's a space alien. The fact he sits in front of the radio with his ear to the speaker doesn't help...they probably think he's getting signals from Zarkon Beta Gamma or something. Actually, he just likes a loud beat and a fast melody. For a normal picture of Snowie, click here.

Now about me...okay, Toxic Static is just a clever word play I figured out : Toxic Static, Talks Ecstatic. That was back in around 1998. Okay, there used to be some stuff here but I didn't update this part for awhile so it was out of date and inaccurate. Don't feel much like updating so this is all there is...but I miss the old days of the internet. Get me a time machine, I'll go back to the 90's. I still play text MUDs. Achaea is my favourite.