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Altered Lyrics : Public Image Ltd : Shoppers Rubbish
All altered lyrics by Zoe O'Brien

Shoppers Rubbish
(Selfish Rubbish)

I can just see it...a man with strange hair ranting around in a supermarket scaring everyone.

Everything in the store should be free
Except the biscuits that belong to me
Sick to death of buying groceries
What the hell has this place done to me? Everything!

Sell, sell, sell me everything.
Sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell, sell
I take anything. Sell me everything.
I'll buy the lot

There's not much good about these groceries
Sell them off as cutprice casualties
And move this display into a new vicinity
One that doesn't block the entrance please

If I ran the store, there'd be no one in it
This shop has come apart at the seam
This milk is past its day and so are we
They need to see some kind of photo id
Before you can write a cheque for groceries

If I ran the store, there'd be no one in it!

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