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Altered Lyrics : The Clash : Bankteller
All altered lyrics by Zoe O'Brien


You know, if Joe sang this version, I don't think a lot of
people would notice the difference.

My daddy was a bankteller
He never helped nobody
He just loved to wear the grey
And he loved to count your money

Some is pigs and some is poor
That's the way the world is
But I don't believe in paying back
No matter how bad your loan is

But then the debts had to be paid up
So I went and got a shovel
Broke some heads to earn some pay
And buried them in the rubble

The old man spoke up in the till
Said I never been to prison
But a lifetime servicing a bank machine
Is ten times worse than prison

Imagine if all the accountants in jail
Could be tied on a tether
Just think what we could do to them
Torturing them forever

Someday you'll get your retirement fund
Then in the grave you're spinning
There's no point in working anymore
When old age is winning

Run rabbi run
Strike out boys, for some pills
I can find that hole in in my stomach
And I know that ulcers kill

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